Sherman M4 Oregon

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The Sherman M4 was designed by the Americans to be simple, effective, fast, and easy to manufacture.

The Tank Rent Sherman M4 tank Oregon dates from April 1943 and is the only known example in a French collection. There are less than a dozen surviving M4s in working order in the world.


The first Sherman M4 tanks were designed in 1942 to replace the Grant M3 medium tank, which had become obsolete. With total production reaching 6,748, it was supplied to the Americans, the French, the British and the Canadians. Although highly adaptable, it had low firepower and relatively light armour. It was less powerful than its German adversaries and its armour less effective. The first version of this tank had a structure made of a casting. This model, produced in 1943, is the one owned by Tank Rent. For cost reasons, the Sherman M4 A1 variant had a welded-sheet hull.

All models combined, more than 49,000 Sherman tanks were produced by the factories.

Our vehicle

Restored with care, in its strict original configuration. New engine, tracks and wheels. Some internal items are yet to be completed. This is a very rare version, with very few remaining examples in the world.  It is in perfect working order, with its contemporary accessories and equipment, and regularly takes part in commemorations.

This Sherman M4 medium tank has all its documents: prefectural possession permit order, certificate of neutralisation (disarming).

Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon Sherman M4 Oregon



American tank
Year: 1943
Manufacturer: American Locomotive Corporation USA
Serial No.: #LOG2D524-17#
Body replaced, serial no.: #18815#


Empty weight: 28,200 kg
Loaded weight: 29,500 kg
Net load: 800 kg
Length: 6.19 m
Width: 2.71 m
Height: 2.79 m
Front track: 2.54 m
>Rear track: 2.54 m
Ground clearance: 0.43 m


Fuel: 651 L
Oil: 34 L
Electrical: 2X12V
Braking: Mechanical
Tracks: 0.41 m
Armour: 12/76 mm
Armament: 75 mm M3 gun, serial no.: #3008901#, one 12.7 mm machine gun, one 7.62 mm machine gun



Make: Wright
Model: R 975
Capacity: 15.8 L
Number of cylinders: 9-cylinder radial
Fuel: Petrol
Power: 390 hp
Rotation speed: 2400 rpm
Bore: 127 mm
Stroke: 140 mm
Ignition: 2 magnetos
Consumption: 235 L


Number of gears: 5
Transfer ratios: 3.53 and 1
>Gearbox ratios: (1) 7.56 – (2) -  (3) – (4) 1 - (5) 0.73 – (REV)


Speed: 39 km/h
Ramp: 60%
Turning circle: 10.70 m
Range: 240 km


Crew: 5 men (commander, driver, co-driver/machine-gunner, gunner, and loader)


American Locomotive
Federal Machine and Welder
Fisher Body
Pullman-Standard Car
Lima Locomotive
Pacific Car and Foundry

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