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The Chevrolet G506 was a 1½-ton truck first produced in 1940. This 4x4 was produced during the Second Word War for the US Army. A total of 168,603 were made, in many versions.


During the Second World War, Chevrolet shipped 151,053 trucks to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program (Lend-Lease act of 11 March 1941). The G506 had a ladder-frame chassis with two axles mounted directly on semi-elliptical leaf springs. All models had hydraulic brakes, and twin 7.50-20 rear tyres. Its short wheelbase meant that the vehicle had adequate mobility and all-terrain capability.

Original condition, sound, complete and conforming, with all its contemporary accessories.

The Tank Rent Chevrolet Cargo 4x4 is a rare example with its original Chevrolet engine. “Collection” carte grise registration certificate.

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American vehicle
Type: G506
Year: 1941
Serial No.: #H57865678#


Empty weight: 3,420 kg
Loaded weight: 5,175 kg
Net load: 2,500 kg
Length: 5.69 m
Width: 2.19 m
Height: 2.61 m
Front track: 1.52 m
Rear track: 1.71 m
Ground clearance: 0.25 m
Wheelbase: 3.68 m


Fuel: 112 L
Oil: 5 L
Water: 16 L


Electrical: 6 V
Braking: Hydraulic
Tyres: 7.50X20 (8-ply)



Make: Chevrolet
Model: BV.1001UP
Capacity: 3.85 L
Number of cylinders: 6
Fuel: Petrol
Power: 83 hp
Rotation speed: 3,100 rpm
Ignition: Battery
Consumption: 26 L


Number of gears: 4
Transfer ratios: 1 and 1.94
Axle ratio: 6.67
Gearbox ratios: (1) 47.1 – (2) 23.3 – (3) 11.04 – (4) 6.67 – (5) – (REV) 46.5


Speed: 77 km/h
Ramp: 65%
Turning circle: 9 m
Range: 430 km


Version with winch: G.7117

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