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The Scout Car was an American armoured vehicle that entered service in the US Army in 1939. Mid-way between the Jeep and the Half Track, it was the only wheeled combat vehicle before the arrival of the M8. The robust Scout Car was used throughout the war, and by the French Army in Indochina and Algeria, in patrol, scouting, command vehicle, ambulance and gun tractor roles.


20,982 Scout Cars were delivered to the American and Allied armed forces. Its design had a strong influence on that of the Half Tracks produced by Diamond T. White, the first of which were equipped like the Scout Car.

By mid-1943, the drawbacks of the design - no armoured top, poor off-road mobility, ineffective unditching roller and poor armament - were evident. During 1943, most US Army units replaced the M3 A1 with the M8 and the M20 Utility Car.

Nevertheless, a small number of Scout Cars were employed in Normandy. Thanks to the Lend-Lease act promulgated on 11 March 1941, 3,034 M3 Scout Cars were delivered to the United Kingdom. The USSR was able to benefit from this aid from June 1942.

Scout Cars were also used to equip Free French Forces, as well as Belgian, Czechoslovak and Polish units. Relegated to secondary tasks in the US Army, they could be found on rear echelon convoy escort missions and in Military Police units.

On 25 August 1944, it was in the Scout Car of Colonel Billotte that German General Von Choltitz was taken to the Paris prefecture where General Leclerc, commanding the French 2nd Armoured Division, was awaiting him for the ratification of the German surrender.

This armoured vehicle has been restored with care, in its strict original configuration. It is in perfect working order, with its contemporary accessories and equipment, and regularly takes part in commemorations.

The Scout Car has all its documents: prefectural possession permit order, certificate of neutralisation (disarming).

Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1 Scout Car M3 A1



American vehicle
Year: 1943
Serial No.: #219705#


Empty weight: 4,600 kg
Loaded weight: 5,300 kg
Net load: 1,300 kg
Length: 5.62 m
Width: 2.03 m
Height: 2.11 m
Front track: 1.60 m
Rear track: 1.65 m
Ground clearance: 0.40 m
Wheelbase: 3.30 m


Fuel: 115 L
Oil: 6 L
Water: 18 L


Electrical: 12 V
Braking: hydraulic drum brakes
Tyres: 8.25X20
Armour: 12.5 mm
Armament: one 12.7 mm machine gun, one 7.62 mm machine gun



Make: Hercules
Model: JXD
Capacity: 5.2 L
Number of cylinders: 6
Fuel: Petrol
Power: 110 hp
Rotation speed: 2,700 rpm
Ignition: Battery
Consumption: 35 L


Number of gears: 4
Axle ratio: 1.87
Gearbox ratios: (1) 5 – (2) 3.07 – (3) 1.71 – (4) 1 – (5) – (REV) 5.83


Speed: 88 km/h
Ramp: 50%
Turning circle: 8.69 m

Range: 400 km


Crew : maximum 8 men

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